Review – Family Passport Holder from My Tribe Travel

I haven’t used a passport holder in years as I have not found a product that I like or which suits our family of five.

So I was excited to test the Family Passport Holder from My Tribe Travel which has been designed for travelling families by a travelling family.



What I look for in a travel accessory


I am very fussy when it comes to travel accessories!

My travel accessories have to be affordable; I refuse to pay a lot of money for an item which may get lost, damaged or vomited on by a small child! 

For me, it is all about the product itself; buying a brand name does not necessarily mean better quality but it always means a larger price tag.

My affordable travel accessories need to be hard wearing and durable to withstand the rigours of frequent travel with children.

Plus, as a family who likes to travel hand luggage only, any item we bring on our travels has to be lightweight, practical and multi functional.

See, I told you I was fussy!


So how did the Family Passport Holder from My Tribe Travel measure up?


Map Made Memories was gifted a Family Passport Holder to road test for an honest review.


My Tribe Travels Family Passport Holder – the pros



The Family Passport Holder is multi functional. 

The passport holder doesn’t just hold passports!

Firstly, the passport holder can open fully (flat like a book) with a multitude of pockets inside that can easily be accessed.

contents inside a passport holder


There are 2 handy, small pockets for your folding money and loose cash.

These zip pockets can also be used for separating home and foreign currency and with their mesh design you can easily see which currency is in each pocket.  

There is a large zip pocket for storing boarding passes or tickets so everything you need for travel can be kept together. 

This large pocket can also be accessed by a zip on the exterior of the Family Passport Holder.

This thoughtful addition means you do not need to unzip the entire holder if you need to access your travel documents quickly. 

As I usually carry our passports in one pocket of a carry on day pack and our boarding passes in a separate plastic folder inside the bag, the Family Passport Holder is a perfect way for me to keep all of our essential documents together.  

No more frustrating time spent rummaging around in my carry on for different items. Having everything in one place is proving to be both a time and sanity saver! 

The Family Passport Holder has several slots for credit cards, more than you will probably need. In fact, there are so many card slots that we also keep our driving licences and European health cards in our passport holder as well. 

passports inside a passport holder


And of course Family Passport Holder holds passports! 

We can easily fit all five of our passports into the spacious passport compartment which is designed to hold six passports.

I particularly like that the passports are not allocated their own slot – they can all fit in comfortably together. 

Individual slots for each passport may look streamlined but they are a pain to use when you have to wrestle each passport in and out of its tight slot multiple times during your trip!  

The multi functional Family Passport Holder is organised – there is a place for every essential item you need to bring on a trip. No more fumbling around trying to find everything!

And yet, even with everything in it, the Family Passport Holder remains comfortably slim when folded.


When full and folded flat, the Family Passport Holder is still less than the width of a €1 coin!





The Family Passport Holder is practical, with thoughtful extras that are useful for a travelling family. 


You can tell that the Family Passport Holder by My Tribe Travel was designed by a travelling family for travelling families. 

The holder has a detachable lanyard which enables it to be worn in different ways to suit your personal style. My husband likes to wear our Family Passport Holder dangling from his neck under his clothes. 

But I hate having anything round my neck – I don’t own anything with a collar – so I like the fact I can detach the lanyard and carry this passport holder by its carry handle.

Or, if I use the full extent of the neck lanyard I can just about wear the Family Passport Holder cross body style over my clothes. This option is very useful for that family travel essential of keeping your hands free for your kids! 


In addition to all the pockets mentioned above, there is a further useful pocket inside the holder which I use to keep jewelry safe whilst in transit or when stored in a locked safe in a hotel or Airbnb. 

I love the thoughtful addition of a slot for a pen. As an ex teacher who always carries a pen, I can never find the pen when I need it – such as when filling out those unexpected customs or immigration forms or for on the go homeschooling!

No more scrabbling around at the bottom of a day pack for a pen or borrowing a pen touched by hundreds of hands!

It is little things like this that make travelling with kids easier.

On the exterior of the Family Passport Holder there is also an open pocket for a phone which is big enough to fit both Android and i phones.

To be honest, carrying my phone in the passport holder makes it a little heavy for me but it is definitely a useful option to have.

As a travelling family, there is always something I need to hand so I use the phone pocket to carry tissues for snotty noses and the all important sanitizing hand gel. 



The holder is well made, durable and hard wearing. 


The Family Passport Holder is made from a tough, durable nylon fabric and uses high quality YKK zips. We have not had any issues so far either with the fabric or zips.  

The passport holder is also waterproof so I can say goodbye to the environmentally unfriendly Ziploc bags I used to carry for our passports and documents.

Plus, I have had big problems in the past using non waterproof passport holders and cotton money belts. You never know when you will get caught in the rain or how sweaty you may become! 

The fact that the Family Passport Holder is waterproof is a huge bonus for me. 

Finally, the nylon fabric is suitable for vegetarians so this passport holder got the thumbs up from our vegetarian daughter!




The passport holder is secure.

The passport holder is embedded with a RFID blocking material. Some sort of RFID protection is an essential travel accessory to prevent digital theft.  

We usually use individual RFID plastic credit card wallets to carry our cards but it can be fiddly to remove and replace the cards from their individual wallets. 

Using a RFID embedded fabric on the Family Passport Holder solves this niggling issue. 

Plus there is a fully encompassing exterior zip to use when the passport holder is folded to protect your essentials contained within. 




The Family Passport Holder – the cons


To be honest, there are not many drawbacks! 

The lanyard strap is made from a tough, hard wearing fabric but to keep the passport holder lightweight, the lanyard strap is narrow.

When worn around the neck, I found the lanyard strap dug in a little when the passport holder was full.

But as the holder is only full in transit, you don’t have to put up with this for long.

Or just don’t carry as much as I do!

Also, I find the strap is not quite long enough for comfortable cross body wear. Another inch or two of fabric would help but then I am quite tall and as I said, super fussy!




Why I would recommend the Family Passport Holder from My Tribe Travels


The Family Passport Holder is lightweight yet tough and durable. 

It is a high quality item, well made from waterproof fabric embedded with an RFID blocking material to prevent digital theft.

The holder doesn’t just carry passports – you can keep your passports, tickets, boarding passes, phone, credit cards and money together in one easy to reach place and still be hands free when needed.


This is fantastic when travelling with kids who have multiple hands and bags.

We like to travel light, usually hand luggage only, so I have found I can save valuable space in my carry-on bag by wearing the holder round my neck like a cross body bag.

I no longer need a waterproof bag for my passports, a bulky purse, a phone case, a jewelry bag and a Ziploc folder for our tickets – all of which normally compete in my carry on with hand wipes, tissues, games and unlimited snacks for the kids. 


I love my Family Passport Holder and look forward to many more adventures together! 


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