About Me

I am a travel loving, forty-something mum of three wonderful children; a non-driver, seasickness sufferer who is terrified of flying. The destination is always worth the journey!


U.K based, I have travelled to over 65 countries with trips ranging from two days to two years and have explored all over my home country of the U.K. Our children started travelling young (six weeks old!) and we have been to 30 countries with them recently completing an 11 month round the world trip.


Our budget style travelling is independently organised; according to my husband, I am a deal seeking, extreme planning, money saving queen  (Ok, I added the queen!).


About this blog


I started this blog to talk endlessly about travel (!), to share tips and tricks we have learnt but also to learn from other travellers. My aim is to encourage and inspire other families to explore together at home and abroad.


About cover pictureWhat you will see (and not see) on this blog

Honest posts about the highs, lows and challenges of travel – with or without husband and children – which are hopefully fun to read!

You are unlikely to see many Christmas card perfect family photos; if you do, please know they would have taken bribery and multiple photos to achieve. 

Honest, informative and engaging reviews of places we have visited, places we have stayed and equipment or services we have used.

I will not review anything we have not experienced ourselves and will not write about anywhere we have not been! I will not waste your time or mine!!!

You will not see pictures of my dinner.

We mostly self-cater, no-one wants to see my cooking!?! And on the rare occasion we eat out with three children, I don’t have time for posed photos, my dinner will get cold!

You will not see posed, ‘Instagram’ photos of me in pretty dresses (that colour coordinate with my surroundings) looking away from the camera.

Who has the time for that???? My luggage is full of plasters and lego, not pretty dresses and I’m doing well if I have time to brush my hair!


Family travel is not easy, cheap or stress-free but it is possible for families to travel on a budget and to have rewarding and enriching experiences whether it is at home, abroad, in a tent or in a hotel!


I appreciate all feedback and welcome your own tips and advice.


If you would like to learn more or are interested in working with me, please get in touch at [email protected]


I look forward to hearing from you. Happy travels!