About Me

About Me

I am a U.K based, travel loving, forty-something mum to three wonderful children.

I don’t drive, I get seasick and I am terrified of flying.

Despite this, I have travelled to 65 countries – the destination is always worth the journey!


family in front of glacier family gap year

Our family travels

We have been to 31 countries as a family of five and recently completed a family gap year, round the world trip.

We travel independently on a budget.

I am a deal seeking, money saving, extreme planner!

Together we have climbed mountains in Switzerland, snorkeled on coral reefs in Samoa, dodged lava in Hawaii, walked on the Great Wall in China, hiked in the foothills of the Andes and slept in yurts in Mongolia.

We have marvelled at amazing natural wonders and have had incredible animal encounters including releasing endangered turtles into the ocean and having our hair nibbled by wild manatees.

Our greatest adventure to date was travelling overland from Hong Kong to Yorkshire by train.



About Map Made Memories


I started our family travel blog to create a record of our family travels at home in the U.K and abroad.

I use this blog to share tips and tricks about the destinations we have visited and about travelling with children.

This website aims to encourage and inspire other families to explore together and create their own map made family memories.

Plus I want to learn and be inspired by other travellers I meet through Map Made Memories!



What you will see on this blog

You will read honest posts about the highs and the lows of family travel.

Posts about the challenges and the joy of travel with children.

Informative, honest and engaging reviews of locations we have visited, the places we have stayed and the equipment or services we have used.

Plus the occasional picture of a delicious cake.




What you will not see on this blog

Christmas card perfect family photos. They are impossible to achieve without lots of time, effort and bribery.

Reviews of places I haven’t been or equipment I haven’t used.

Photos of our family in colour co-ordinated, clean ironed outfits matching our surroundings.

Photos of me in a bikini, a flowing dress or a floppy sun hat doing a whimsical pose…



Family travel is not easy, cheap or stress-free but it is possible for families to travel on a budget and to have rewarding and enriching experiences whether it is at home, abroad, in a tent or in a hotel!


I appreciate all feedback and welcome your own tips and advice.


If you would like to learn more or are interested in working with me, please get in touch at [email protected].


I look forward to hearing from you.


Happy travels!