Camping with kids


Camping is having a surge in popularity as a result of the pandemic. 

People have reconnected with nature during the pandemic and now wish to focus on enjoying nature based holidays that involve less sightseeing, less crowds and less rushing around. 

Plus, families are looking to slow down and spend more time together outdoors, hiking or cycling, without breaking their budget.

And, because of cost or the unreliability of global travel, or perhaps the realisation that there are fantastic locations on our own doorsteps, families are choosing to holiday at home.  

But camping with kids can be overwhelming.

And families who enjoy their initial camping trips are much more likely to continue camping in the years to come. 


So I decided to create this brand new section on Map Made Memories to help!



What family camping tips can I find here?


Using our own extensive family camping experience, I can help novice campers with camping must haves, family camping checklists plus how to find a campsite in the U.K.

I will introduce you to camping lingo and explain what it means!

My posts will help you discover where to source second hand camping gear and what to look out for when buying second hand equipment.

I will provide up to date reviews on the best camping gear for kids as well as ideas for camping games and rainy day camping activities.

Learn our family’s tricks and tips for easy camping with kids – our camping hacks, how we prepare for camping trips and what equipment you really need (and which equipment you don’t)! Plus, several ideas for quick and easy meals when camping with kids. 

Read round ups of the best campsites around the U.K including in depth reviews of campsites we have stayed at with our kids. 



Our family camping experience


My husband and I spent our childhood’s camping all over the U.K, we camped frequently as a couple and were keen to make camping an integral part of our family’s travels. 

Our first family camping trip was to Jersey when our girls were 11 months and 3 years old followed by holidays spent camping in Yorkshire, Dorset and Northumberland. 

We then invested in our first family tent when I was pregnant with number 3 – we camped in North Wales when I was eight months pregnant!

As a family of five, we have camped in Norfolk, Derbyshire, the Lake District, Shropshire and Herefordshire as well as returning to Wales, Northumberland and Yorkshire several times. 

On our family gap year we travelled around New Zealand in a campervan for 2 months and drove from Cairns to Sydney in a six week, unforgettable Australian road trip in a campervan.

Our family now has five tents (a story for another post!) and we continue to go camping as often as we can.


We have made many mistakes along the way which we have learnt from and my aim is to help you avoid making the same mistakes!