• grey sandy and rocky beach lined with big hotels overlooking the sea, hiking in Madeira
    Europe,  Madeira

    Beach hotels in Madeira

    Despite Madeira’s volcanic origin, there are fantastic beach hotels in Madeira to suit everyone’s taste and budget. If you are travelling to Madeira with kids, you will discover that family friendly Madeira beachfront hotels are surprisingly affordable compared to other…

  • yellow sand beach against calm sea water and green cliffs in background, beaches in Madeira
    Destinations,  Europe,  Madeira

    Beaches in Madeira

    Beaches in Madeira are not the typical golden or white sandy beaches that most families look for when choosing a holiday destination. But don’t let this put you off choosing Madeira for a family holiday. Madeira beaches are beautiful and…

  • white villas with ornage roofs on green fileds with blue and white ocean backdrop, villas in Madeira
    Destinations,  Europe,  Madeira

    Best villas in Madeira for families

    Villas in Madeira are surprisingly affordable for families travelling on a budget, especially when compared to other sunny European destinations. Self catering villas and apartments are a fantastic, value for money option for a Madeira family holiday. Staying independently is…

  • sandy beach with seaweed, white houses in distnace, things to do on the yorkshire coast
    England,  U.K Destinations

    Yorkshire Coast

    The Yorkshire coast is, in my opinion, an underrated U.K holiday destination. Tourists flock to the Cornwall and Devon coastlines but the Yorkshire coast is less visited and yet it offers incredible diversity for visitors. The Yorkshire coastline offers something…

  • brown leather notebook on a folded map, gifts for mums who travel

    Gifts For Mums Who Travel

    Buying travel themed gifts for mums who travel (or for my readers in the U.S, gifts for moms who travel) shows that you have thought about the wants, needs and desires of the mum in your life. A useful travel…