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Gifts For Map Lovers

Updated January 2021


I am always on the lookout for gifts for map lovers. I am obsessed with maps – hence the name of our family travel blog!

I love how maps look, feel and the potential they hold. Maps inspire wanderlust and day dreams but also evoke memories of places, people and experiences.

But maps are not just for bookshelves.

I have map wall art, I wear map jewellery, have a ton of map themed accessories, read books about maps, complete map jigsaws, play map games and I even up cycled my work desk using old maps.

Map gifts can be practical, educational or fun – or all three!

So what are perfect gifts for map lovers like me?


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Wearable gifts for map lovers


Take it from me, map themed jewellery always makes a great gift for a map lover.

I love this stylish, vintage inspired world map jewellery set.


It is light enough to pack into my cabin luggage yet durable for long term travel or daily wear. The colours of this set make this an eye catching piece of jewellery and unlike other map themed jewellery, the image of the world map isn’t squashed or indistinguishable.

Or, for something more subtle, check out this gorgeous map and compass point necklace from Zealmer. Ideal for birthdays, Christmas or Valentines it also makes a great graduation gift.



A personalised gift is an extra special gift.

I love this lightweight, wood and leather watch from Sentai that can be personalised with an engraved inscription on the back of the watch face.

This stylish watch is non toxic, hypo allergenic and made from sustainable bamboo. As it is a neutral colour, it can be worn with any outift, ideal for anyone who travels with a capsule wardrobe. I used to own a colourful map watch with an airplane as the second hand but every time I looked at it it reminded me of my fear of flying so I got this watch instead!

Click here for Sentai’s full range and latest prices.



Match your new watch with this soft fabric, world map T shirt which is available for men, women and children in a range of sizes and colours so you could purchase one for every member of a map mad family! I like the simple design of this t shirt; map themed t shirts for children tend to have cartoon images on them which children will soon grow out of. This t shirt will grow with your little world traveller.


But for the ultimate clothing accessory for a map lover to flaunt their map obsession, check out this map shirt from Fhuuly, also available with long sleeves. It is guaranteed to be a conversation starter!



And I love these Mary Jane style map shoes from Hot Chocolate Design. Perfect for a summer trip, these canvas, Vegan friendly shoes are a must for any map lover. They are on my wish list!

Click here for the full range and latest prices.



Practical travel gifts for map lovers


Yorkshire Tea or coffee from Costa Rica?

Whatever your favourite tipple, dream of future adventures with this ‘Adventure Awaits’ ceramic mug. This world map mug is also available in larger sizes – ideal for tea addicts like me!

Or for a stylish drink on the go, gift this gorgeous sustainable, reusable world map water bottle. I love my map themed bottle and used it consistently during our family gap year.

The chrome metal helps to keep liquids cool for longer and the bottle is tough and durable.

The bottles are easy to wash and hygienic to use; I like the fact your hands do not touch the drinking part of the bottle. Plus, the carabiner clip is really useful enabling the bottle to be clipped onto a backpack saving precious space.

This bottle is a great gift for map lovers of any age or gender but for those who like hot drinks on the go, check out this fabulous world map thermos flask. 

Or how about this eco friendly, reusable bamboo coffee cup with bamboo lid from Chic Mic. The bamboo lid is a big plus for me as silicon lids can affect the taste of your drink. The cups are dishwasher safe and come with a useful, protective heat sleeve.



Check out the various travel themed options available here.

I love lists (NOT my husbands favourite trait in his wife!) but I tend to live on scraps of paper and post it notes.

So when I was given this map print note book as a gift it was a perfect gift for a map lover like me.



It has proved useful for travel planning, jotting travel notes, home school ideas or simply those never ending ‘to do’ lists.

Finally, I bought this intricate, colour in world map for my daughter’s travel mad godmother, who I travelled through Africa with many years ago. I liked it so much I bought one for myself.

Awesome Maps make a variety of colourful themed maps (such as a dive map, bucket list map and a fishing map) on paper, canvas and towels.

My colour in world map is printed on excellent quality cartridge paper and will look amazing when finished. I love the fact that each country contains images related to that country, for example Russian dolls for Russia and igloos for Greenland. It brings back so many travel memories each time I colour a piece in.

I am slowly completing mine – whilst listening to travel podcasts – but have some way to go yet!

See Awesome Maps fantastic range of map themed products here.



Map themed accessories


Map themed accessories is when you can really let loose on your map obsession and as they are often low cost, they make great stocking fillers or birthday gifts.

Choose from a map themed lunch box, a world map Ipad case, a world map phone case, a world map passport cover….the list is endless. And yes, I have most of these!

My favourite map themed accessory is my funky, map print umbrella. It is compact and lightweight when folded so it fits easily into a handbag, daypack or cabin baggage.

I have been told my brolly is ‘very me’ and my kids say it makes me easy to spot in a crowd and it gets a lot of use living in the U.K!

You can find my world map umbrella here.



If you like to have matching accessories, Sass and Belle are a U.K based company specialising in vintage designs. They have a whole range of eye catching, stylish map themed accessories of excellent quality. I love my Sass and Belle lunch bag and glasses case.

Click here to see Sass and Belle’s full map themed range.

Map themed books for map lovers


It is easy to buy an Ordnance Survey map or a coffee table book of pretty maps for the map lover in your life, but what about something a little different?

Any self confessed map addict will find a fellow obsessive in Mike Parker. His excellent book ‘Map Addict’ explores his personal love of maps and charts the history and early techniques of map making.



I guarantee any map addict will learn something new from his entertaining book.

Or consider the quirky ‘The Writers Map’ by Huw Lewis Jones. This beautifully illustrated book features different authors and creators who share the fictional, imaginary maps that sparked and fed their own literary imagination.

Discover how ‘The Marauders Map’ was created for the Harry Potter movies or the sketches Samoa resident Robert Louis Stevenson used for ‘Treasure Island.’

This gorgeous book is well worth a read by anyone who is inspired by maps. Check out its outstanding reviews here.

And finally, though not a book, the fantastic ‘Great British Adventure Map’ has so much information in it you will feel as if you are reading a book.

This detailed map of Great Britain is enhanced with quirky, interesting information and fun facts about different locations. Did you know the Peak District doesn’t have any peaks and that the furthest journey on the River Thames in a paper boat was 160 miles?!

I gave this perfect gift for map lovers to my husband for his birthday last year and we have added so many places to our U.K bucket list because of it!

More ‘Marvellous Maps’ with other quirky British themes are available here.



Games and puzzle gifts for map lovers


Mapominoes is one of my favourite map themed games and makes a great stocking filler for under £10.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking this game is for children – it is equally challenging for adults and has greatly improved my geographical knowledge!

The cards are dealt equally to each player who take turns to lay their cards down; the first player to lay all their cards wins the game. However, cards can only be laid if the country on your card borders one of the countries already laid. Strategic moves can block other players laying their cards and wise uses of ‘travel pass’ cards will help you cross oceans and seas.



The game is great fun and offers varying levels of difficulty so games can be adapted to the ages or abilities of those playing. The more challenging levels will leave you brain frazzled!

Mapominoes will not only improve your geographical knowledge of different continents but also your flag recognition.

It is small, compact and lightweight game which is ideal for bringing on a day trip or road trip. And when you are bored of Europe, you can try a different version such as Mapominoes Africa or Mapominoes Asia.

However, as big fans of train travel with kids, our family’s favourite map themed game, is the excellent ‘Ticket To Ride.’

We spend hours playing this strategic game, plotting our routes across the country whilst trying to block other players from completing their routes.



This fun, educational game is suitable for all ages, it never gets boring and has helped to develop our geographical knowledge of where towns and cities are located. We currently have the U.S.A edition but the Europe edition is on our wish list.

My husband loves puzzles – Christmas isn’t Christmas for him without a puzzle on the go – so naturally, I give my husband map themed puzzles.

Last year, in a failed attempt to help his itchy feet during the pandemic, I gave him this beautifully illustrated world map puzzle but there are also gorgeous vintage world map jigsaws available here.



World map gifts for the home


How about a map themed gift for your map lovers home? Or treat yourself for your own home!

We have maps in different sizes, shapes and textiles all over our home – it helps to keep travel an integral part of our family life.

We use a colourful canvas map like this one to keep track of family travels using push pins to mark where we have visited. It hangs in our kitchen to remind us of where we have been and how many places we still have to visit! It is a perfect world map gift.


For a fantastic feature wall, I love the natural wood used in this stylish wall map from 68Travel which is the most accurate decorative world map I have seen.

Before you buy a world map for your feature wall, check that it includes the often neglected Iceland and New Zealand!!! I recently sent a metal world map back to the manufacturer as it had omitted New Zealand?!



This fantastic wooden wall art also includes 40 small island pieces for charting those off the beaten track destinations you have visited and you can even purchase an additional Antarctica panel.

This gorgeous map is available in different sizes and colours here.

But world map gifts for the home do not have to be large items such as this.

There are smaller, map themed gifts for the home to suit any budget or occasion from  world map soft fleece throws, map bedding, to smaller items like world map cushions, coasters or even this funky world map shower curtain!



There are so many fabulous map themed gifts for map lovers of any age or gender that are fun, practical and sustainable as well as educational. Plus, buying a map lover a map themed gift shows you have put time and thought into their gift.

But remember, if you are obsessed with maps like I am, you can always treat yourself to a map themed gift!


I am not hinting Map Made Memories husband (honest) but I will just leave this list here…

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