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Gifts For Mums Who Travel

Buying travel themed gifts for mums who travel (or for my readers in the U.S, gifts for moms who travel) shows that you have thought about the wants, needs and desires of the mum in your life.

A useful travel gift will mean so much more than a bunch of flowers – and will last a lot longer.

Whether you are buying a travel gift for Mother’s Day, or a travel gifts for her birthday or Christmas, gifts for mums who travel need to be practical, durable and provide value for money. That’s what us travelling mums are all about!

But a travel themed gift should still make mum feel spoilt or treated. It must definitely not be a chore related item – no travel irons or laundry powder please!

In this post, there are gifts for mums who travel ranging from as little as £4 so you are sure to find something that fits your budget.


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What are the best gifts for mums who travel?

Anti theft backpack


Travelling mums use backpacks as we need to be hands free for the kids. Plus we need enough space for nappies, snacks and the 100 other things we need to carry when travelling with children.

I see many mums awkwardly carrying their backpacks on their fronts to avoid pickpockets – I’ve done it many times. The solution to this discomfort is an anti theft backpack.

The Travelon backpack for women is one of the most stylish anti theft backpacks on the market. And unlike its competitors, this anti theft backpack will not look out of place on a city break or on a night out. 


black anti theft backpack with gold buckle, gifts for moms who love travel


This cleverly designed anti slash backpack has all the useful pockets a mum could need including RFID card holders, pen holder and iPad compartment. The pockets are lockable using a clever carabiner style device on the zips.

But it is the small, extra touches that really show that this anti theft backpack has been designed by travellers for travellers. There is a key fob with LED light and a side wall pocket for easy access.  One of the backpack straps is detachable so you can attach your bag to a chair or table leg for security in a busy airport or restaurant.

This excellent Travelon backpack comes in a range of colours and adapted styles – I like the Classic Backpack that offers useful side pockets for drinks bottles.

If your mum is not a backpack kind of traveller, Travelon offer other anti theft bags including messenger bags, handbags (or purse) and anti theft cross body bags.

Check out the full Travelon anti theft bag range and latest prices here.



Pocket Infinity Scarf


I never travel without a scarf – they are easy to wash and lightweight to pack. The closed loop designs of Infinity Scarfs are versatile – think headscarf, face covering, shawl or pillow. They will do not catch or snag like flowing scarfs.  

But a hidden pocket scarf also offers useful theft prevention.

Thieves and pickpockets look for easy to open handbags or backpacks, or the familiar bulge of a neck wallet or money belt.

But the clever design of hidden pocket Infinity scarfs allow you to carry your money and valuables safely AND discreetly. 



The zipped pockets are big enough for a purse and phone but can pull on your neck if you overload them. I use my hidden pocket infinity scarf for carrying a credit card and emergency money and I don’t find it uncomfortable at all.

Pocket Infinity Scarfs are available in different fabrics such as polyester, cotton or jersey so there will be versatile scarf for every destination and climate. For tropical climates, check out this anti mosquito hidden pocket scarf, 60% of this scarf is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Scarfs come in all colours and patterns. I would recommend purchasing a darker colour as I have found these hide the secret contents better.

So why not be stylish as well as cautious? Check out the range of hidden pocket Infinity scarfs here. 




A sarong is always the first item I put into my backpack. I never leave home without one – I still have the first sarong I bought 26 years ago!

This versatile travel item can be used as a blanket, towel, makeshift curtain, beach mat, skirt and shawl. Like a pocket infinity scarf, they are lightweight, easy to wash and quick drying. 

Don’t buy a rayon or polyester sarong, they are not breathable or durable. I would always recommend purchasing a good quality, non see through, 100% cotton sarong.



Travel Wrap


A sarong is not to everyone’s taste so, for the benefits of a sarong without the backpacker look, check out this travel wrap from Happy Luxe.

The super soft wrap can be used as a blanket, shawl or wrap and has two useful pocket warmer slots for colder climates. For hotter climates, this versatile, vegan friendly travel gift offers UPF 50+ protection and is made from a moisture wicking, sustainably produced fabric. 

Plus, the neutral colours of the Happy Luxe range can be teamed with any travel wardrobe.

Or for something extra luxurious and special, check out this gorgeous cashmere travel blanket from Love Cashmere. This beautifully soft cashmere blanket (which can be worn as a scarf or wrap) will make airline blankets feel like a piece of paper.


A Personalised Map


A personalised gift always mean that little bit more to the recipient. But it can also be practical and help the outdoorsy mum in your life discover new adventures on her doorstep.

Check out these fabulous personalised maps from Ordnance Survey. Choose the recipient’s favourite location or home to be the centre of the map. You can also personalise the front cover with your own photo and text.

I made one of these for my husband for our wedding anniversary and it took me less than five minutes to create. And he loved it!

Check it out here.

Alternatively, if the mum has an specific interest such as food or books, check out these quirky ST&G theme maps. We have the Great British Adventure Map and it has added tons of places to our must visit list!



A Travel Journal 


Not all gifts for mums who travel have a large price tag. You can never go wrong with a good quality travel journal.

The best travel journal should be lightweight, durable and not boring. Give us mums a journal we will want to use, not some dull book that looks like it belongs in a classroom!

I would avoid anything over A5 and journals with ring binders or flimsy spines; they just won’t last.

I love my Ordnance Survey travel journal. It has useful equipment checklists and ‘how to’ pages as well as black pages for recording trips and days out.

Earn extra brownie points for gifting a journal that has useful pockets and tabs such as this gorgeous journal from Moleskine. Or check out this budget friendly ‘And so the adventure begins’ planner.

And, for a gift for map lovers like me, you can’t go wrong with a map print journal.




A Travel Mug


A budget friendly gift for birthdays or Mother’s Day, travel mugs don’t have to be saved solely for trips.

This eco friendly, world map travel mug is made from sustainable bamboo makes a perfect gift for mums who travel.



This reusable  coffee cup comes with a bamboo lid which is a plus point for me but if you prefer silicone lids, check out this Quy bamboo cup. The cups are dishwasher safe and have a useful, protective heat sleeve. silicone lid, reusable heat proof sleeve.  



Reusable Water Bottle


Avoid adding to our plastic waste problem, by purchasing a reusable water bottle. Like the travel mug, this budget friendly gift can be used daily.

I love my world map water bottle from Gift Republic. The bottle is easy to wash and hygienic to use as your hands do not touch the drinking part of the bottle. The useful carabiner clip enables the bottle to be clipped onto a backpack or buggy.

Or check out the colourful range of stainless steel, BPA free bottles from Proworks. These insulated, leak proof bottles will keep your drinks cold, or hot for up to 12 hours.




A Camera (the ultimate gift for mums who love travel…except a flight ticket) 


There is no better gift for mums who travel than their own camera with which to capture precious family travel memories.

I was lucky enough to receive a Sony A6000 camera as a gift from my husband last year. This thoughtful gift in a difficult year meant so much to me; in a time of no travel, it provided the hope and promise that travel would resume one day. 

I quickly fell in love with my Sony A6000 and it is a high ticket item I could never have justified buying for myself.



This is a fantastic camera -it is not the latest Sony model (and therefore not the most expensive) but for what you get, it is one of the best value for money cameras on the market.


Why I love my Sony A6000

This mirrorless, 24 megapixels camera has very fast focusing, ideal for travelling with children who are never still, and a useful tilting screen. The Wi-Fi connectivity has proved very handy for this busy mum. My husband told me he bought this camera primarily for the viewfinder – we are old fashioned photographers! My photographs are detailed and sharp with beautifully saturated colours. 

The Sony A6000 is well made and doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. For a sturdy product it surprisingly lightweight and I find it comfortable to wear around my neck; it is sooooo much lighter and less bulky than our DSLR. It has a myriad of settings and I like the fact it has never accidentally knocked the settings onto the wrong format as the camera we took on our family gap year was frustratingly prone to do. 

I am still learning how to use this camera (my lockdown project) but so far I am very pleased with the quality of my pictures. I love the fact that this camera is mine, not the family camera, and I look forward to my Sony A6000 accompanying me on future trips. 

If this Sony model is beyond budget, check out the latest prices for Sony travel cameras here.



Travel Beauty Essentials


Mums who travel still want to look and feel good so a travel beauty essentials kit makes a perfect, low cost gift for Mother’s Day or a stocking filler for Christmas.  

Choose a travel beauty essentials set that comes in a reusable bag like this cute Cath Kidston set, rather than a boring and unfriendly plastic pouch.


Alternatively, grab a gorgeous map print gift bag from Paperchase and fill it with your own travel beauty essentials – the more sustainable the better!

Mini Perfume


A mini perfume bottle is the one item I bitterly regretted not bringing on our family gap year.

I always travel with a tiny vial of my favourite perfume (note to my husband – Daisy by Marc Jacobs – is available in mini size!) but somehow left it behind in the U.K.  Sometimes you just want to smell nice or have a nice smell around you (think communal toilet on the Trans Siberian Railway). 

Mini perfumes are under the 100 ml restriction for liquids in hand luggage, are lightweight and miniscule in your backpack.  Find your favourite perfume in mini travel size here. 


Amazon Kindle Reader


I will admit I am a late convert to Kindles as I love the feel and smell of paper books.

But as a frequent traveller, the practicalities of a kindle cannot be overlooked. 

Amazon Kindles are tough wearing, lightweight and surprisingly comfortable to use. The battery lasts weeks and you do not need a computer to download books so you will be never short of something to read.

I like being able to adjust the text size on the glare free screen when my eyes are tired and the adjustable front light is invaluable for shared hotels rooms when you have to go to bed when the kids do. 

We like the kids to travel iPad and phone free on our shorter family trips and a shared Amazon Kindle has proved useful in keeping up with school work or finding a chapter book for a bedtime story.

Kindles range in price from around £70 to over £200. Check out the latest range and prices here.



Travel Wash Bag


For years I carried my toiletries in plastic sandwich bags that would inevitably end up ripped, sticky and in the bin. Not sustainable or eco friendly!

I now use a travel wash bag which are available all shapes and sizes – though the lighter the better.

I would recommend purchasing a clear travel wash bag for ease of finding items or a wash bag that opens flat like a suitcase.

If luggage space is not an issue, combine these two features by purchasing a fold up, clear pocket hanging toiletry bag. 


Books for mums who love to travel


A travel book will either give a mum who travels something to read on her trips or, if she is not travelling, inspire future trips.

Choose from travel adventures, biographies of travellers or good old fashioned Lonely Planet guidebooks.

Check out Lonely Planet’s ‘The Travel Book.’ This fantastic book covers every country on earth and is guaranteed to inspire future trips for the mum in your life. 

For something a little different, check out this informative and entertaining travel Atlas Obscura Explorers Guide. 

The ‘go to’ for helping travellers to discover off the beaten track attractions and quirky sights, Atlas Obscura has provided our family with some memorable travel experiences! 



Travel mad mums will enjoy using this bestselling book to research new places to add to their family travel bucket list (I know I did!) and you discover some lesser known sights on your doorstep.



Sass and Belle travel gifts


The U.K based design company Sass and Belle make a diverse range of affordable travel themed accessories. Their products are colourful, well made and scream a love of travel. With low prices, Sass and Belle are perfect for children looking for affordable, pocket money travel gifts for Mother’s Day.

As a map mad mum, I love Sass and Belle’s map themed range – I have a map lunch bag, map umbrella and my children gave me a Sass and Belle map glasses case for Mothers day last year.


world map print glasses case, gifts for moms who love travel

Check out Sass and Belle’s stylish and budget friendly range here.


I hope you have found your perfect gifts for mums who love travel in this guide. And if you discover a new idea, I’m always looking for items for my own wish list!

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